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About Aveas

What is Aveas?

We are organizational and individual performance specialists. We ensure your company’s strategy is viable, is executable via your organization, and is sustainable via your people.  We make sure that your business ideas take flight through how they are developed, implemented, and sustained. We are a turn-key operation with expertise that spans across strategic planning, organizational development, and performance management. We help companies keep the picture of what they want to deliver in mind as they work to improve their competitiveness and performance.


What is unique about AVEAS?

  • We provide unique solutions in unique times. Small, even miniscule companies are overtaking their competition by thinking bigger and thinking smarter. They are strategic and novel in their approach to product branding and development, manufacturing, and performance. Consultancies must be equally agile, novel, and smart. Research is showing that large, expensive consultancies are over-rated. They are over promising and under-delivering. They often provide overly orchestrated solutions which do not demonstrate how they apply to where the company is today, where it is going, or how it plans to get there.  How is the solution tailored to the needs of the company? How will it be implemented though the lifeblood of the company so that results are real and sustainable?  These are questions that tailored solutions provide.
  • AVEAS helps companies unlock their strategic vision, either from inception or through needed change.  We work with start-ups, small, mid-sized, and major companies. Our approach is both strategic and practical.  We diagnoses challenges with precision. We find root causes and bring together our external and your internal resources to ensure that solutions fit the issues at hand and are able to be implemented effectively. We orchestrate with you to manage both the process and behavioral change necessary to ensure the results are lasting.
  • AVEAS understands the connection between strategy, planning, and managing org and individual performance. Each of these are critical to the sustainability of your company. 


What are AVEAS’s offerings?

  • AVEAS understands the connection between strategy, planning, and managing org and individual performance. Each of these are critical to the sustainability of your company. 


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Client Testimonials

Our Aveas consultant was an indispensable help to us during the reorganization of our business. She helped to give us clear perspectives on organizational strategies that were practical and well researched. She also helped us to plan and implement change strategies that helped to get everyone in the organization on board
As our business has grown, so has our need for better hiring and promotion practices. By listening to our needs, doing careful research and analysis, and crafting processes specifically designed for our organization, Aveas has helped us find higher quality people and increase our retention rates
The team training provided by Aveas was enlightening and enjoyable. Everyone on the team was excited about the insights gained from the exercises we did, and the day just seemed to fly by! We left with practical ideas and a better understanding of how to create true synergy and collaboration in our meetings